Friday, 2 March 2007

Too lame to name ashamed pain

The latest poetic installment from the literary wizards Paula & Kate..........

Another dose of valium
Doctor I'm depressed
Can't get out of bed
Or entertain my guest

My little vag is sad
And how it gently weeps
"Trisha" say the fanny blues
Will only last a week

Sign off my prescription
What! £6.45??
Is it worth the price
To keep the love garden alive?

Its overgrown, dishevelled
Looks like the Yorkshire moors
It looks a damn site worse, love
When I'm kneeling on all fours.

Heathcliffe would love this Kate Bush
How its nettles sting
A howling night did pass
It echoed in my ring

Doctor doctor help me
Still got minge fatigue
Its a hungry little snapper
It needs an urgent feed

Lip nip 'n' tuck required
Can I get it on the NHS?
Gusset ring is tiring
A bike well oiled is BEST

My noo-noo is so depleated
Back on suicide watch
Even David Blunkett
Wouldn't go down on this crotch

But there is light at the end of the tunnel
As i trim th eprivets back
It seems that old John Prescott
Wants to dabble with my twat

His dirty sausage fingers
Brought it back to life
How were we to know
The fat cunt had a wife?

Pussy cries
Then dies
not amused
Oh James
You are to blame
Prescott shame
Topic lame.

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