Monday, 5 March 2007

Super Scrabble

Today I purchased "Super Scrabble"!!!.... It should be called "The War On A Rack".

It is like normal scrabble but with a bigger board. It includes quadruple letter and word scores. My only dissapointment is that there are no score sheets like you used to get. They merely print one in the middle of the rule book with the words "please photocopy" innocently inscribed underneath. I feel this is a bit cheap considering it cost £35. (Money I probably saved from being on the wagon)!

I will warn anyone who is thinking of paying this game that it is not for the faint hearted. It should come with a supply of pro plus tablets and redbull. I have only tried playing it with two players - me and Darren had a crack at it this evening. Daunting. There are a bewildering array of choices available. You can score quadruple words with reletive ease by going accross two double word scores. After a couple of hours playing we still had what seemed like a full bag of letters. Then we decided to end early by playing first to 500. He won. He knows lots of long words does Darren. I got the scrabble blindness and my IQ plummeted as the game progressed, ending at about 30. (The same IQ as 30 Fall Out Boy fans).

I think this game will be awesome with 3 or more players. (You can play with six - but it only comes with racks for four. Again I think this is a bit cheap - the instructions say you can use racks from an existing scrabble set - how cheeky is that)??!!

If anyone wants a game just let me know but make sure you have a good breakfast first.


han said...

i heard you were leading the war on a rack. next time I'll deploy my weapons of mass destruction AND THEN WE'LL SEE

Mr Axl said...

I am definitly up for some of that. A proper mans game of Scrabble. Let's make Simpson cry with weapons of mass word reproduction!

matt said...

Then I'll start dropping sanctions. By which I mean big words ... like sanctions.