Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Pub Crawl Massacre: Part One

Joss was having an off day. She was feeling a little philosophical and started questioning why she got into the profession in the first place.

"Its fucking ridiculous. How can I possibly care for people when i can only spend a few minutes a day with them?" She was thinking out loud. It was a bad habit of hers.

"So you're about to go are ya?" shouted Michael from upstairs. He could hear her. The walls and ceiling were paper thin.

"Yeah sorry. Have you taken your medication yet?" She tried to sound cheerful. She hadn't realised that she had been talking to herself. Even if she had she wouldn't have expected him to be able to hear her all the way upstairs.

"Yes." Michael tried to sound bored. He chuckled to himself very quietly as he placed both tablets into a draw by his bed. They rattled about next to his considerable teen porn stash.

Stressed and overworked as she was Joss cared about her patients. Michael had been making her uneasy recently. She marched upstairs to check on him before she had to leave.

"Mike you promise you've taken them?"


"Sorry Mike I'm going to have to count them. I got in trouble last time remember?"

"Whatever. Alright."

Joss tipped out the yellow tablets and the smaller white ones. The correct number were there and although a little sceptical of his expression she trusted that Micheal wasn't lying.

"Fair enough Mike. Alright well I better be off - I gotta see Cynthia in Headington at half past and I'm late as it is. You gonna be good? A couple of my friends mentioned you've been curtain twitching again."

For a split second she thought that his eyes narrowed.

"I'll be good." He replied calmly.

She didn't feel too bad leaving him. He had switched to newer medication recently. Although she was no pharmacologist she new that they had had a miraculous effect on other patients with his condition. Most people stopped having the delusions within a few weeks of switching and he had been taking them for three months. Anyway she was a professional and there were many others who were worthy of her care.

Michael watched Joss climb into her car and drive off. He noticed two pretty young student girls walking slowly down the road. He closed the blind, tore off a strip of toilet roll and reached for the draw next to his bed. He convinced himself that the new young post woman had been giving him love letters. He must have lost them. He lay down on his bed and thought about her. He decided to watch for her behind the curtain tomorrow.

Then he thought about the two student girls he had just seen out the window. Mmmm thats the one. Jack Wills joggers, pretty blond hair, suede boots and that smile of rich youth. His eyes glazed over.

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