Thursday, 15 March 2007

Look What Society Has Done To Us (By Paula & Kate)

Oooo new Paula & Kate.....

Climate change, kiss my arse
News at ten, what a farce
Another tax that we can charge
To stuff your income up your arese
Gas and oil is what we need
Have some solar and some wind
While we burn more than we need
Then we deny that we have sinned.
Call thecouncil and have a moan
Tony's disciples on the end of the phone
Drink too much and 'turtle head'
Shit my pants and wet the bed
Don't wash for days and dread my pubes
Caneston cream somes in tubes
Forty years out of my head
In a sandwich made of chessey spread
I knew I should have cleaned my sheets
'n' not looked like I live on the streets
Cardboard pants, they're nerves changed
My cunt has got the doggy mange
Dirty pants and unwashed hands
On every cleavage unleash my glands
I can't wait till Vorderman hour
Then I can release my special shower
A new look snatch from changing rooms
Looks like 2 rashers of bacon & a button mushroom
Smells like steak and kidney pie
Would make a grown man puke and cry
His knob is like a cheese bake
Parmasan Sprinkle 'the Italian shake'
A masterchef feast for scary Blair
He likes his meat lean & rare
He'll bend over for a cut of rump side
Give him firm meet, watch him oblige
He likes it rammed right up his hole
Careful: There's a conjestion toll.
His dirty cum stains on my shirt
Ole Blair has got the Clinton curse.

Serves him right.

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