Friday, 9 February 2007

One kind act

Today i went for a walk because it was snowing. I had a hangover so i really wasn't feeling sociable. I walked into town in kind of a daze, as i'm prone to doing. I found myself on a busyish road near the university museum of natural histrory. Plenty of academic types toing and froing with their minds focused on cures for cancer, rocket science and at that time of day probably lunch too. I started getting a bit grumpy, as i'm prone to doing. As I say I was hung over and by now lots of happy couples sporting pasminas and smug smiles started making eye contact with me. Their eyes were saying: Ha! I'm sober. So is my beautiful rich lady here. Shes reading medicine, don't you know? Last night we discussed quantum theory before sushi and orgasms. You didn't! You just worked in the Star and got pissed didn't you? Ha! Knew it! You sad, pathetic, lonely wanker! I probably read too much meaning into these half arsed glimpses from innocent passers by. But hey! I'm prone to doing that. Anyhow for whatever reason I was actually in quite a bad mood.

What happened next really cheered me up. I guess I looked quite dishevelled. I already explained that it was snowing. I was not dressed appropriately. I was wearing cords and a hoodie. These are materials not renowned for there water repelling properties. I was wearing a scarf. It was black when i set out but by now was speckled with highly contrasting white. You know, the colour of snow. My dazed amblings were interupted by a pedestrian crossing. The very people I had overtly ignored and briskly passed by moments earlier drew level with me.

A woman turned to me. She was well dressed, sucessful looking. Probably not thinking about rocket science but about how she was going to invest in junk bonds right after watching "Working lunch". Capitalist bitch! She turned to me....

"Do you want my umbrella, you must be freezing?" she said.

I inwardly smiled and politely declined; I was quite warm.

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