Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Adverts from the telly n that

Here are a couple of adverts that I think are worth a mention. When you examine them you realise that the underlying message is actually a bit twisted. I know this is nothing new. Ooooooooo thats an evil way of selling something!! has been pointed out a million times but these two take the biscuit...........

1. The Kleenex advert

This advert consists of lots of different people being lured onto a blue sofa in the middle of a random street with the inticing words "fancy a chat" being uttered by the Kleenex man. It shows close ups of these saps engaging with the Kleenex man and they're all smiles and chatty. Then it shows them starting to get a bit emotional. And the Kleenex man is right on hand to give them a tissue. Thus pointing out the purpose and usefulness of thin sheets of paper that have been balm coated. Fine and good.

Cue slogan "Let it out" written accross screen and the advert ends.

Then I got to thinking about what was meant to be happening. This Kleenex man was taking random people, clearly of a slightly fragile disposition and making them cry. Kleenex man is obviously very good at manipulating people. He knows just what buttons to press that can break a person down in a short space of time. The bastard. Not a person I'd want my product associated with.

2. The Toyota Yaris advert

This advert is basically glorifying revenge as something aspirational. It tells the story of a woman who breaks her boy friend's model plane because her boy friend recently shut the door of her car using his foot. (He was using both hands to carry something heavy for her at the time).

Now what is their selling point hear?

Our car is bought by the petty demograph. The kind of folk who have OCD. The kind of people who bear a grudge against a kind person for an act that had no consequences anyway. What were they thinking?

Right. Rant over.

FYI to make myself feel better I installed a CD player in my office at Brookes this afternoon. I listened to "Paint a lady" by Susan Christie and everything was OK. Instantly. Even though I was at work. Ahhhhhhhhhh. (That is an expression of how soothing the song was and not "Ahhhhhhhhhh" in pain or anguish as it could be interpreted). If you also want to hear this amazing bit of music then beg or borrow (I don't endorse theft) a copy of Folk is not a four letter word, Vol 2. Selected by Andy Votel. I promise you will not regret any effort spent in tracking this down. Unless you have no soul. In which case you probably work in advertising.


Lady Muck said...
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degs said...

I'll be on the look out for that. Soothing folk on standby.

schmemma said...

you have an office?? you lucky bastard..

han said...

Stupid adverts. What about that one that says they sell sofas 'for less than you can imagine'.

Really? Because I can totally imagine going into a sofa shop and them GIVING me money to take one away. It's dead easy.

In fact, I'm imagining it right now.

han said...

oh yeah, and the one that goes "Wouldn't it be great if you could make last night's dream a reality?"

errrr, not really. I'd probably go to prison for smashing a ladies skull in with a hammer in real life. Even if she was a zombie.

yeah, I know, you've done a new blog since then. But I haven't finished with this one yet.

degs said...
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degs said...

I saw one last night for Always towels that come dipped in some kind of air freshener.

It was just the concept that got me.

Imagine going to work at the advertising agency and your boss tells you you've got to sell a new kind of towels.

"Whats new about them in particular?"

"They're scented".


"Well up until now not only have women up and down the land been in pain and grumpy every month but the rest of us could smell them too."


Tough to sell.

I believe the advert is meant to be extolling the soothing properties of the fragrance and all the positive aspects of emmiting a relaxing pong.

I definitely remember at the end "Have a happy period" is scrawled over the screen (from memory in red, in what looks like some kind of blood but that detail might just be my warped mind).

lex said...

"Kleenex Man" used to be "Desk Sgt Off The Bill Man"