Sunday, 19 August 2007


Try typing swear words into itunes. Juvenile aren't I? Its funny. So far nobody in my pitiful 26.79GB of music has been fool hardy / man enough to use "cunt" as even part of a band/album/track/anything. (Sorry Pikey if you read this). Although I should bring to your attention the band Wank that have an album called "get a grip on yourself". Nuff said.

The same joys can be had from google earth.

I'll be back in a minute to explain. Unfortunately my mouse has decided to malfunction simultaniously with my intestine. So I'm going to have a poo and then subsequently use the arrows on the keyboard..........................

RIGHT. (Amount of space scrolled down does not reflect the amount of time i spent sitting).

If I've ever had a more invoragting shite I can't remember it. Yep. I'm going to describe the poo I just did. Not its shape and form but the emotional impact upon my good self.

What set it apart from the others (excluding time and distance travelled along pipes towards the Thames) was the accompanying feeling of freedom. My flat mates are away so I had the door open and my music up loud. And I took my sweet, sweet time. Run out of bog roll? I'll fetch some from my room with no trousers and no worries. So lets hear it for a really good pound of mashed up Dundee cake. Its a rare thing in my day, age and house to be able to have a poo like that.

And now my mouse works again. Best poo ever.

.................................There are four pages of places on my planet with "Fuck" in. Wank Nesselwang is in Germany. Dick is in Chippewa, Michigan, United States.... Fanny; Wyoming, West Virgina. Toss; Ton, Trento, Italy.

There is nowhere called Cunt.


La Muck said...

There bloody so is a place called cunt. Go to August 2005 on this 'ere sitey:

I feel so grown up and well travelled now.

Pipsywoo said...

And there is also 2 places called Twatt, one of Orkeny Isles and the other on the Shetland - theses always makes me chuckle!!!

Good luck with your search!

Le_Gore said...

Wahey JC!

This is my first readings of your blog...yet another way to make the day go quicker in the office by finding something i actually want to read, woooo!